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  • What is an Online Nutritionist?

    Our bodies need food to live and grow and repair themselves. But not all food is created equally. And not every food is necessarily good for you, depending on what your fitness and weight loss goals are.

    Knowing what types and amounts of food to eat can be daunting, which is why so many people are overweight, in pain and lack energy. And THAT’S why it is so important to work with a nutritionist.

    What Do Nutritionists Do Exactly?

    Nutritionists are trained medical professionals that advise people on what to eat and how to generally lead a healthy lifestyle. They are also the go-to professionals when a person has a specific health goal, such as a weight loss goal.

    Nutritionists educate their clients on healthy lifestyle and food choices and will develop specific meal plans.

    What’s the Difference Between a Nutritionist and an Online Nutritionist?

    Nothing really, except location. We still advise our clients on healthy lifestyle choices to help them meet their health goals. The only difference is, instead of meeting in my office, we meet online.

    What’s really great about working with clients online is, I can work with people from all across the country and even world! From my clients’ point of view, they are thrilled with the ease of getting my advice without need of getting in the car and driving to their appointment (who can afford the gas these days?). They just click a few mouse buttons and we connect on the Internet.

    And speaking of affordability, you’ll find most online nutritionists price their services more affordably as we don’t have overhead costs of renting an office space, etc.

    Do You Need Help Reaching a Health Goal?

    If you’ve been struggling with your weight or trying to get your blood pressure or glucose numbers down, I would love to help you. Please reach out to me so I can get a better idea of your current health and how I may be able to help.