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    About your Therapist

    Everyone is in need of a SAFE place. The SAFE place is where you can be yourself without the fear of rejection. It is a place wherein you can express your thoughts and feelings while knowing and feeling that you are being heard. The SAFE place is a judgment-free zone and a place for a therapeutic relationship between you and your counselor. Life brings many stressors, anxiety, problems and hurts; I believe when a person comes for counseling, he or she is looking for a SAFE place to address those issues.

    I invite you to allow my office to be that SAFE place for you. I look forward to counseling with you, coaching you and cheering you on as you come to realize that you can have a control of your life situation.

    I’m accepting new clients, whether you are seven years young or sixty-four years old, you are welcome to the SAFE place. Please call for an appointment to your SAFE place.

    I’m also accepting LCMHCAs for Supervision.